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Blackberry Chili Pepper Duck w/ Wild Rice

2 wild ducks – mallards, blacks, wigeon, gadwall or other “dabbling ducks”

halved & de-boned leaving breast and leg attached – skin on

2 cups duck stock – chicken stock can be substituted

8 oz. blackberry preserves

8 oz. dried cranberries

1 medium chili pepper

½ cup merlot

Crème De Cassis

1 tbsp. minced orange peel from fresh navel orange

1/2 cup real wild rice (usually from Minnesota)





Cover rice in pot with 1/2″ of water and a pinch of salt

Cook for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally until all water is absorbed

Add 1 tbsp. water if necessary during cooking so as not to burn rice

Rice should “pop” open and be a nutty flavor with a chewy consistency


Put halved ducks on broiling pan, meat side down

Rub rosemary, thyme, salt & pepper on skin

Set aside

Pour stock into large saucepan and reduce by half over med high heat

Add dried cranberries and finely chopped chili pepper

Reduce heat to medium and cook until cranberries plump

Add blackberry preserves and stir until sauce thickens

Add ½ cup of merlot

Cook for 2 minutes

Cook for 4-6 minutes, stirring occasionally

Remove from heat. Set aside.

Broil ducks for 4-6 minutes watching very carefully to brown and crisp the skin

Turn over – meat side up

Broil for 1 minute

Be sure not to overcook – meat should be red in center and not pink. If overcooked it will taste like liver.

Remove from heat

Pour drippings into sauce

Put sauce back on medium low heat, stirring in drippings

Add 1 tsp. Creme de Cassis

Cook for 2 minutes

Cook for 1 minute

Slice breast cross grain at an angle approximately 3/8″ thick

Lay slices over bed of real wild rice

Ladle sauce over duck

Honor the flight of this majestic animal by savoring the spirit of its wild nature.




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