What We Seek

Our tribe of outdoorsmen and women are committed to exploring our natural landscape and interpreting the spiritual essence of the relationship between man and his environment. We hunt, fish, shoot and work with the values exemplified by Aldo Leopold, Jose Ortega y Gasset, and the teachings of Native American philosophies. Our purpose is to elevate the human consciousness to a higher level of awareness while participating in the sacred traditions of hunting and gathering.

Our team explores the outdoors and all the bounty that surrounds us, we seek to find meaning behind our actions. When we fish we seek to immerse ourselves in the underwater world of habitat, entomology, and riparian ecosystems. We learn to value the inter-connectedness of the inhabitants and the ecosystem. We admire the stunning beauty of the salmon’s leap, the sparkling iridescence of the rainbow trout, the fleeting beauty of a brook trout’s bright orange and white tipped fins as it spawns.

We are mindful of the dappled sunlight through the trees, reflecting off of the limestone cliffs covered in moss. We notice the sparkles on the riffles where the tailwaters of the stream swirl together and form a feeding trough for the voracious trout. We practice catch and release at times when we feel that the system is rebuilding its population, and when we do choose to harvest a fish we do so with respect and a quick, clean kill. We honor their life by showering them with praise. We create recipes to use the flesh to nurture our own tribe in a culinary display of honor. We collect fiddleheads,ramps (wild leeks) and wild mushrooms to adorn the plate.

When we harvest an animal we take a moment to pray for the soul of our brother. We recognize in ourselves our own mortality and honor the life of the animal for all its beauty and grace. We teach that when an animal is willing to share its life with us, it will “present” itself to us by offering a clean shot and a moment of profound connectedness to us. As we watch the life fire fade from it’s eyes, we allow ourselves to feel both remorse and gratitude. Often we express our sadness by crying or our elation by exclamations of joy. It is only in the hunter’s soul that both can exist in harmony and complement the world in which both are needed. We share the spirit of the animal when we ingest its flesh and gain insight into the beauty and wonder of the circle of life that supports us.

We share these moments with our members and peers though game dinners, holiday festivities and gift baskets to our landowners who allow us to hunt and fish on their land.

We strive to be aware and appreciative of the beauty of the land and wonders of the water. We speak of the sunset and how sacred our lives are when joined with nature. We feel the trees supporting us as our own bones. We breathe the air, cognizant of its cleanliness and power. We float on the water conscious of its power and reflective characteristics, showing us who we really are and how we belong in the world. The starkness of the ice on the lake at sunset reminds us of the fragility of life and how we can support ourselves by conscious awareness of the dynamics of the universe that surrounds us. The sweet summer grass provides a gentle bed of warmth when we lie down on the Earth to gaze at the Great Star Nation above. The distant gobble of a turkey in the spring reminds us that we are always taken care of when we simply slow down and bring our minds into harmony with the Earth.







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