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We are a group of outdoorsmen and women who are dedicated to exploring and interpreting the spiritual essence of the outdoors through traditional methods of hunting and gathering. The purpose of SacredHunter.org is to promote the spiritual aspect of our connection to nature through guided trips, articles and a blog, and to raise money for the mentoring program, TraditionsOutdoorMentoring.org.

Chris Thayer, Treasurer

Chris is a retired pharmaceutical sales rep, has successfully raised three children and is currently reaping the benefits of fatherhood by watching them continue to grow and prosper in college and the workforce. Chris is a Master Fisherman and loves catch and release salmon fishing on Lake Champlain, goose hunting in the Valley and ice fishing for perch and pike during the frigid winters here in Vermont. He is a member of “Camp A” deer camp in Huntington , VT and, despite rarely shooting a buck, his optimism is undaunted. Chris enjoys sharing his knowledge and hope with young men who are learning the traditional sports of hunting and fishing.

Bradley Carleton, Executive Director

Bradley is an extraordinarily passionate all-season outdoorsmen who runs Champlain Valley Guide Service, writes a monthly column for Northwoods Sporting Journal, is a public speaker for numerous outdoor seminars and runs Traditions Outdoor Mentoring. Other than his wife, Katie Carleton, his greatest love is waterfowl hunting for geese and ducks. He is fluent in turkey, duck and goose talk, having won 4 state calling championships. Bradley deeply enjoys the spiritual aspects of the outdoor sports, finding peace and meaning in the connection to animals. He has a deep desire to share these values with others and does so through his blog, sacredhunterorg@blogspot.com and through the mentoring program. Bradley is a member of Ducks Unlimited, the Norbert Buchmayr Society and the Quality Deer Management Association.
Katherine Carleton, Secretary
Katie is an artist by trade but has found herself employing her well-established skills in the field of education. She teaches reading to language challenged children at a public school and works with a number of young people who are exploring alternative learning techniques. Katie is certified in several nationally known methods of teaching. She chooses to pursue her love for the outdoors on the back of her Polish Arabian, Risk, who lives in the back yard on the farm. Katie shares her vast understanding of youths at risk and assists her husband, Bradley, with managing the relationships through the Traditions Outdoor Mentoring program. She is also an accomplished duck caller.
Eric Champney, Mentee (currently serving as a Marine in Afghanistan)
Eric started out as a mentee in the Traditions Outdoor Mentoring program and became so passionate about the outdoor sports that he is considering starting a guide service of his own when he leaves the US Marine Corps. Eric is currently a logistics specialist in the USMC and is serving a term of duty while saving enough money to start his own business when he departs. In his civilian life. he is a very talented and tireless hunter. He has learned respect and empathy for the animals he cherishes and quietly asserts those values in his relationships with his peers both in the USMC and in hunting circles. When Eric returns from service he will be offered a directorship in Traditions Outdoor Mentoring.

Arthur H. Spencer, Financial Counsel
Arthur has been in the investment banking business for four decades and has distinguished himself by raising capital for numerous successful business ventures. He has managed companies in the assisted living industry, restaurants, hotels, night clubs and timeshare segments. He was educated at Mount Union College in Alliance, OH and the Wharton School of Business and is a chartered life underwriter. Arthur’s ability to raise capital will be his primary function as a director of Sacred Hunter’s Traditions Outdoor Mentoring program. Arthur is responsible for introducing Bradley to the outdoors by taking him on hunting trips to his birthplace in Grampian, PA. It was these trips that started Bradley down the path of enlightenment through the outdoors.
Randall 2Randall Eaton, PhD, Director Dr. Eaton holds an international reputation in animal behavior, ecology, human behavioral evolution, wildlife conservation, men’s studies and zoo biology/philosophy. He also has made significant contributions to environmental ethics, history of science, philosophy, mythology, comparative religion, art history and indigenous wisdom.

Dr. Eaton has held faculty positions in zoology, psychology and humanities at the University of Washington, the University of Georgia, Florida Atlantic University, etc. Winner of two national book awards as well as numerous writing and film awards, Dr. Eaton earned a sacred pipe in the Cherokee tradition and teaches indigenous wisdom, He teaches A Course In Miracles.

John Lesher, Vice President
John is an independent business consultant specializing in restaurant networking and ordering systems. John is an extraordinarily passionate duck hunter, an expert fly- fisherman and an accomplished upland bird hunter. He enjoys networking and recognizing business potentials, often seeking to introduce individuals on the investment horizon to those in need of capital or funding. John lives in Burlington, VT with his partner, Kim, and their yellow lab, Remi. John will forge relationships with potential clients of the guide service and will assist in identifying potential funding prospects for the organization.

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  1. anne kamm says:

    I am the grandmother of one of Bradley’s mentees who was a “lost” uprooted, fatherless boy of 14 when Bradley came into his life. Bradley taught him life skills, empathy, hunting, fishing and a deep spiritual connection to Nature. The “Boy” is now 22 with a 2 year old son. The “Boy” and his life partner are passing what Bradley awakened in the “Boy” to their 2 year old who is best at home experiencing the wonders of nature.
    Thank you, Bradley! Love, Grandma

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